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Complex Reporting

  • 1.  Complex Reporting

    Posted 03-06-2019 13:48
    I am trying to pull a report from a table to get a cumulative total for each "representative" at our company. Based on how the table is set up I can get a total for a representative that is listed as primary or secondary or tertiary but I cannot figure out how to get a total for a representative for all points accumulated no matter what position they are in...">https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net/s3_images/1779933/RackMultipart20190306-85220-1m9uqer-questionpg1_inline.PNG?1551880104">

  • 2.  RE: Complex Reporting

    Posted 03-06-2019 14:09
    Hey Michelle,
    This is a pretty common issue, and the simple answer is you can only summarize a record value once, either by the primary, secondary OR tertiary user field. What you need is that same "Record" to be represented by user for any and all "assignment types" they might be listed in, and to do that you would want a junction table between the user table, and the record where they're being assigned. (aka a Many-to-Many relationship). 

    What you accomplish by doing this is making the user, the record, and the "assignment type" a unique record, and your reporting would be done from this new "Assignments" table.

    Hope that helps!

  • 3.  RE: Complex Reporting

    Posted 03-06-2019 19:08
    Thank you for your recommendation. So I have now created an Assignment table and entered each rep as a USER and assigned each User the 3 different assignment options. I am still confused on how to get a single total for a user regardless of the assignment type. I just started working with Quickbase in January...When I try to create a report from the assignment table I can now list representatives as users in general opposed to Primary Rep,Secondary Rep...but I cannot get point values to pull into the report. I tried to create summary fields from the point table but that is returning blank values.

  • 4.  RE: Complex Reporting

    Posted 03-06-2019 21:13
    So I had some further technical difficulties that puts me at square one, I think. I cannot make the rep fields USER fields or related to USER fields because the reps are not QuickBase USERs. Similar to another ladies question you answered a few days ago...the app is for management to monitor production-in this case "total business credit" and "points". So when I tried to make a list out of Reps as USERS it just made Placeholders then went a little wonky after trying to use them to relate to fields.