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  • 1.  \n

    Posted 09-03-2018 11:13
    Created a formula field to use If() condition, I need true and false conditions. _to be printed in the new line.

    Print("\n hello")

             --> empty line
    hello  --> 2nd line

  • 2.  RE: \n

    Posted 09-04-2018 15:49
    Hello Vivek, I would like to see the formula to help support further. First, I would make sure you are using a Rich text formula in order to use /n or <br> tags. 

  • 3.  RE: \n

    Posted 09-04-2018 17:12
    Hi Vivek,

    I've found when using Rich Text it works best to use <br> tags and then when using a formula text \n works more reliably. It usually works best when you match the return you are using to the field type.