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Summary Filed does not show in users roll

  • 1.  Summary Filed does not show in users roll

    Posted 02-09-2018 11:10
    In this case i am working whit two tables, TIME CARDS and TASK 

    one record in TASK have many record in TIMER CARDS.

    I made a summary field in TASK that summarize  the filed "Total Hours" in the related records in TIME CARDS .

    I made two reports to check the proper relationship, one count hours directly from TIME CARDS  and the second report shows the corresponding summary field "Total Hours" I described previously. 

    I works perfect ,   even I added some field with the real started date and the last date hours were made in this task.

    I have users with different rolls ( each one have only access to his people we grouper it by disciplines) .

    And the same report is checked by me in user roll, this is what shows ;


    The user roll have access to the hours from the table TIME CARDS, but he can not see the summary field "Total Hours" from TASK table.

    Then I checked the set up of the roll, he has full access to all fields in TASK table , but does not show summary fields. WHY??


    And I know he has access to the hours in the TIME CARD table because he can see it in the first report.

    For more information here is the set up of the summary field "Total Hours" on TASK table.


    Any idea??


  • 2.  RE: Summary Filed does not show in users roll

    Posted 02-16-2018 21:19
    This issue is most likely connected to the 'custom access' that you have placed on the 'time card' table.

    I'd look at that custom access levels, and and permissions for any connected fields.

    Even if a small field early on in the process is restricted, and later used in a formula, the user will not see the appropriate values.

  • 3.  RE: Summary Filed does not show in users roll

    Posted 02-27-2018 14:07
    I found the key , It took a wile, but I worked.

    I will try to explain myself as good as possible.

    The user have access to the "Field" is summarized but not to the "summarized Filed".

    This was the Key, The example now is the Field "Total Hours"

    We are going see the relationship between "Total Hours " in "Task"Table and "Total Hours" in "Time Cards" Table.

    This field "Project-Index-Task" is this reference field in this relationship.

    Be sure in the Field Settings that  it is visible for the Roll User you want to see it.

    Advance Permissions 

    I hope it helps others.

    It took me two weeks to find it out.