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Responsive Report on website

  • 1.  Responsive Report on website

    Posted 11-21-2017 23:57

    We have multiple reports pushing to our website from QuickBase i.e. Empowerla.org/anc.

    Our website is responsive, however the reports are not. They get cut off on mobile devices. Is there any way of modifying the code to make it responsive?

    <script lang="javascript" src="//lacity.quickbase.com/db/bjk6edj7j?a=API_GenResultsTable&qid=107&ticket=8_dgmr75xg9be_bz64iy_datb_a_u7w7fbyvvqvfcwizxkzu2z5b2cczuae3qf9kbscsasj5scnbrtga&jht=1"></script>
    <h2>Board Members</h2>
    <table cellpadding="1" bgcolor="2f95d0">
    <td><script lang="javascript">qdbWrite();</script></td>

    Thank you,

  • 2.  RE: Responsive Report on website

    Posted 11-26-2017 10:51
    The API method API_GenResultsTable generates HTML that has minimal inline styling attributes and is intended to be used with a short <style> element (which you are not using). See the docs:


    As a result you are substantially not setting the style of the report nor are you getting the responsive behavior you have in other parts of your Wordpress  web site.

    When I poke around your website I see this Neighborhood Council table which is displaying non-QuickBase data which I assume was intended to display in a responsive manner (I am not sure I would agree that this is responsive):


    I note that this <table> is wrapped in a <div> with a class which I would assume is the mechanism that was intended to make this table responsive:
    <div class="fusion-table table-1">
    <table width="100%">

    So perhaps you need to wrap the table generated through using API_GenResultsTable in a similar <div> with an appropriate class. I think this is the place to investigate but I have to hedge a bit because I don't really think you site is what I would call 100% responsive.