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API Child Record through JS

  • 1.  API Child Record through JS

    Posted 07-19-2018 18:03

    Hopefully someone has an answer for me as this is more of a general question not something physical in code. I am using a script to grab data from an external source and changing records in a QuickBase table using an Edit Record call from the API. I would also like to set a conditional to add a child record to another table that is linked to the crrent table I am in at the current record. I am able to add the record no problem but there is never a link created. Is it possible to create a child record that is linked back to the parent through the API in JS? I know it's possible through formula fields but I need to use the external data as well.

    IF anyone has any ideas thanks in advance.

  • 2.  RE: API Child Record through JS

    Posted 07-23-2018 22:20
    Parent - Child links are generated through their relationship in Quick Base. Typically, you would just pass the Record ID# of the Parent to the 'Related [Parent]' field in the Child record.