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Trending Chart Reports

  • 1.  Trending Chart Reports

    Posted 09-19-2018 20:13
    One of the things my application tracks is the # of investigations at a specific location as well the type of fraud that occurred in that specific location.  I would like to create trending reporting to tell me the Top 5 (might want to change this but between 3-10) Fraud types that are occurring in a specific area.  

    I would ideally like to display in a stacked bar of Fraud Methods.  Right now I have a stacked bar that looks like this because it's showing every method, not just the top 5.


  • 2.  RE: Trending Chart Reports

    Posted 09-20-2018 13:45
    Hello Stephanie, 

    I can think of a dynamic solution, but it may be easier just to filter the report until you get the top 5. filtering where the # of frauds is greater than (x).

  • 3.  RE: Trending Chart Reports

    Posted 09-20-2018 14:26

    I was thinking about how I would do that and to be honest I'm not really sure.  So 1 investigation has 1 fraud for 1 property.  I want to see in the report the top 5 types of fraud for 1 property.  So I can filter so just Property A but I can't think of a way to filter to the highest types of fraud.  If I think of it like a table report instead of a chart, I can group and sort by Fraud Type (equal values) and see the # of investigations for each type

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    Posted 09-21-2018 02:45
    is the fraud type a related table?

  • 5.  RE: Trending Chart Reports

    Posted 09-21-2018 16:14
    Yes it is