Interesting behavior Save & Next

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    Posted 01-18-2018 00:20
    I spent some time today experimenting with this and am sharing with others.

    If an administrator clicks on Settings and then clicks on the first field that appears in the settings view, we see the properties of the field. In the Page Bar (below the Table Bar) we see a green button with Save and a select arrow. Clicking the select arrow we can choose Save & Next. This describes behavior of the Save & Next button in table settings. 

    Imagine for fun we are intending to traverse through the field properties to uncheck the 'Add this field to all new reports' checkbox. 

    We click the top field in table Settings and expect to travel down through the list of fields in the order the fields are displayed on the previous page. We notice this is not the case.

    The reason for this is the Default Report on the Home page.

    If we add all the fields into the Default Columns area, we see however these are ordered is how the Save & Next traversal behaves.

    If we remove all the fields from the Default Columns area, the Save & Next traverses through the fields alphabetically.

    For example if we want to traverse the Save & Next by Record ID, we add the fields to the Default Columns in the order of record id. The only way to do this is to drag and drop or use the arrow keys, very tedious. 

    Further I have not looked at how Save & Next behaves in other reports or traversing records in a table but one would expect it to follow the order of the report.

    Finally this is another reason to change the Default report on the Home page immediately after creating a table.