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what is the size limit for file uploads?

  • 1.  what is the size limit for file uploads?

    Posted 12-16-2016 21:17
    used to be able to upload large file sizes, now get "You've asked QuickBase to handle too much data at once (probably a file upload) error.  But there isn't a place to see what the limit is.

  • 2.  RE: what is the size limit for file uploads?

    Posted 02-16-2018 16:29
    I have that same message coming, I tried uploading a 25,800kb  fillable form PDF. 
    Which really isn't that big of a file size, so how can I upload it?

  • 3.  RE: what is the size limit for file uploads?

    Posted 02-20-2018 16:25
    Hi Joanne,

    If you are still experiencing this issue when attempting to upload a file I would suggest reaching out to the Quick Base Care Team via a case. When uploading a file attachment the limit is less specifically about the size of the file but the time length of that upload (which can be impacted by a combination of the file attachments size, internet connection, and traffic in the application). If there is unusually heavy activity in the application or a bad connection it can cause the upload to hang up for so long it times out and you get this type of error message even with a small file attachment. If it is persistent though I would suggest a case to see if we can help to identify which of these things might be happening in this case. You can open up a case with our support by clicking on the Help question mark icon when signed into Quick Base in the upper right hand corner. Then you would select manage support cases, this will allow you to put in a case where you can indicate the file you are attempting to upload and to which application and when. Thank you for your time today Joanne.