Implement vouchers in application

  • 1.  Implement vouchers in application

    Posted 11-30-2017 15:41
    I want to implement a voucher functionality in my application. Below is the context:

    There are N number of vouchers given by a company. I need to implement a system in a way that one voucher can be connected to a numeric field in the same table. Also, the voucher has 2 attributes used and expired. I suppose these would be other 2 fields. Every time a participant views that table, the unused and not expired voucher code should automatically populate the voucher field. The participant can only have access to the unique number field which can be tied to the voucher code. When the participant enters the unique number code, on save, the voucher value turns to used and expired. This is for effective reporting and calculating the number of unused vouchers. Need suggestions and help on this. Thanks