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Grid type report

  • 1.  Grid type report

    Posted 10-31-2018 15:34
    My company is eliminating Microsoft products by the end of the year. They have been using Access to keep track of their safety information. I have been tasked to move this to Quickbase.
    I customized an app from the sample app section called "Employee All in One Training" and kept nearly all of the structure. The only difference is the employee table is Auto uploaded through Google drive.
    The problem I'm having is, through Access, they could pull a report with the class description, employee name, and the date they took the class. It pulls all employees and if the employee didn't attend, the date field is populated with "need". I can pull the names of the people that did take the class but not those that didn't because the reservations table only shows actual attendees. I have tried running a report on the employee table but with so many class choices, it won't link that information either. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Posted 10-31-2018 16:09
    HI, Steve -

    You are almost there.   Try this
    • Create a new table called Employee Classes
    • Build relationship one Employee to many Employee Classes.  If employee name is not the key field. create a look-up field in the Employee Classes tale.
    • Build another relationship of one Class to many Employee Classes.  Create a look-up field for class description. (You can also add one for session date.)
    • Add 2 fields to the Employee Class table like "Reserved" and "Attended."  Reserved can be a date field or checkbox field.  Attended should be a date field or a check box.
    • You can now run a report in the Employee Class table to show class description, employee name and date attended.
    • Migrate the data from the reservations table into the Employee Classes table.  This might be tricky.  Contact me via the website at CloudBase Services if you need help.
    • Delete the reservations table once the data has been moved.
    You can now do many other things: let people sign-up online, create online or paper attendance sheets, assign people to take courses based on roles, etc.



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    Posted 10-31-2018 19:23
    Thanks Debbie. I did exactly what you suggested but I'm getting there exact same report I was getting from the reservations table. For a report from either table to work, I would have to select all 385 employees one at a time and have the "reserved" box either checked or un- checked in order to show all employees. Since there are multiple classes held each month, that task would take way too long to be feasible. It would be quicker to print off the employee list and the classes attended and mark "here" on the papers, which is more than what they're doing through Access. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or failed to explain but I hope there is something that works.

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    Posted 10-31-2018 19:29
    Steve - 

    Do you want the report to session specific (Accounting - Sept 3) OR just reflect the class?  You may need to add a "Sessions" table.  It would be child of "Classes."  You'd also add a one session to many employee classes relationship.

    Contact me via the webform at CloudBase Services  if you'd like some coaching.  With a shared screen, we can get you going in fifteen minutes or less.