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Inernet Explorer Printing Issue

  • 1.  Inernet Explorer Printing Issue

    Posted 05-26-2017 21:57
    Internet Explorer problem with Printing Exact Forms
    This problem has been affecting us for 5 years and I hope someone has a solution. When we print an exact form in Explorer and then make a change, when it is printed again, the changes do not show on the new exact form. If we pull up the file in a new browser, then we can print out the form with the changed information. Now if we wait 24 hours to print, then the change shows up on the new form in the same browser. I'm hoping this is a setting in our browsers that allows us to prevent this from happening. Clearly this is a problem as it can cause us to print and send a document that is inaccurate as it does not reflect current changes. Please help!

  • 2.  RE: Inernet Explorer Printing Issue

    Posted 05-26-2017 21:59
    I can't answer your question, but Juiced EF+ is what I use for all my clients.  It works very reliably.