Question regarding data collected with Public forms

  • 1.  Question regarding data collected with Public forms

    Posted 11-21-2017 17:49
    I did a little searching in QB help and on the Community and don't see anything so I am posting here. 

    When we chose to make a form public and a user fills out and submits data, what external data regarding the user is collected and available on the record?

    For example it would be nice to see the basic Web data available from the Browser: ie IP address, Browser version etc... of the device submitting the form.

    Use case:
    We want to create a form for public comments. The audience is a group of users who don't require a QB account but can enter data. We would not expose any drop down lists or data fields on this form, instead it would be State, City, Comment.  A checkbox allows user to be contacted. Checkbox action shows fields for name, email, phone. This is a very simple form. 

    Further thoughts: a rudimentary type of filter can be applied at the form level where if an administrator views records submitted from an unexpected IP range, these can be blocked. For example if you know all your users are in Illinois, you can filter for US based IP's and limit the traffic... but we'll save that for the feature request section.  

    For now we are interested in if anyone has experience with public forms and what data is collected from submitting device?