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26 days ago

Question regarding relationships



I am trying to pull information in from an employee table to auto fill on my form once the employee name is selected.

I have successfully pulled in the employee number, employee name, email, phone number, manager ID, and second line manager ID with my first relationship.  

I am needing to pull additional information back from the table once this information prefills. 

Specifically, once the manager ID and Second line manager ID prefill, I need it to loop back to the employee table and use those IDs to look up the phone numbers for the manager IDs. 

(Essentially the phones numbers are only listed by employee, so I would need to take the manager and 2nd manager ID from the first relationship and pull in their phones numbers based on the Employee ID on the employee table) 

Every time I try to add another relationship to take the Manager ID and look up the phone number, my data pulls back empty. If I delete the secondary relationship, my manager IDs pull back fine. 


What am I doing wrong!?!? 




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      So the key field is the personnel number. 

      So basically my first relationship brings in 

      personnel number, name, phone number  manager id, 2nd line manager ID.


      Then I need to take the manager id and 2nd line manager id back to the employees table, find it in the personnel # field on the employees table and bring back the phone number.



      This is my first quickbase and I have zero experience so I appreciate your help so much. 


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        OK, this will be easy.  Hopefully after you do this, you will one of those Homer Simpson type "D'oh" expressions.

         From your existing relationship pull down the Manager's personnel #. 

        Then make a new relationship and instead of letting it offer to create a new field, instead select from the drop-down the Manager's Personnel #.  Then pull down any information you need from that relationship including possibly that Manager's Managers personal number  and call that 2nd Level Manager Personal #.  Then just keep repeating the process as high up the reporting chain as you like.

  • OK, so this will be easy. Hopefully once you do it you will do one of those Homer Simpson "D'oh" exclamations.

    Just make a second relationship and when it offers to make a new field for you instead select the field that you already have from the first relationship for the Manager ID.  Then look up what you want including perhaps the Manager ID from the Manger! So like the 2nd Level Manager ID and then repeat another relationship using [Second Level Manager ID] as the reference field on the right side of the relationship.  Just make real sure that you name all these fields properly so you don't confuse yourself.

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      I appreciate you! Finally got it working.  I was missing updating the reference field *face palm*


      THANK YOU!!