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Exchange & Sync

  • 1.  Exchange & Sync

    Posted 06-29-2017 20:17
    Has anyone used Exchange Online in conjunction with QuickBase Sync?  I'm very interested in this setup, but have some questions prior to switching email clients.  For anyone who may know:
    - Do emails import as records in a table?
    - What are the sync options? i.e., do all emails sync based on parameters, or can you select triggers for only certain emails to import?
    - Are there any unusual constraints when it comes to relating these emails to other records in other tables?
    - I'd like to know how people are using this feature: How does it benefit you? What types of problems has it solved for you? 

    Any insight is greatly appreciated; TIA -

  • 2.  RE: Exchange & Sync

    Posted 06-29-2017 21:30
    Here is a use case from today

    Yes, a table is created and will update every hour.
    Yes, you will be able to apply filters to what comes in.

    The Table will not actually be "Related" to other tables.  You will use a report link field to have an embedded table of the relevant emails on your "Parent" record.

    Its very easy to set up, so the best thing is just to try it, except i guess that you are not on Exchange now. Note that Exchange Sync is new but gmail Sync has been working for the past year or so.  So gmail is an option too.

  • 3.  RE: Exchange & Sync

    Posted 06-29-2017 21:42
    Good idea - I may experiment with Gmail before switching clients; I would assume they'd work similarly.  Thanks for the info, Mark.