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Remove Table

  • 1.  Remove Table

    Posted 10-20-2017 16:29
    So this may be a really weird request, but here goes.

    When originally building our CRM application, we did not plan on using QB for anything else.  We have since changed our ways, for the significantly better.

    However, I would like to pull the "Companies" Table OUT of the CRM, and have it as a stand-alone application, with other Applications being having relationships to it.

    I would also like to save the Table to Table relationship by converting it to a App to App relationship, without having to go in and re-attach all of the companies in the CRM with the new Companies Application.



  • 2.  RE: Remove Table

    Posted 10-20-2017 17:18
    A few notes that might persuade you differently.

    - Building cross app relationships is basically the same as Merging the applications.
           - Every time you load one application, you have to load the other too.
    - Users will need to have access to both applications (or at least viewing privileges) in order to see the drop-down or company name.
           - That makes managing users a bit of a pain.

    - Moving / Copying tables to a different app will break all relationships. 

    - If you are trying to create a master companies table because you want multiple business processes apply to one company, I'd recommend building 'under/within' the current app, rather trying to move things.

    - If you have to move things to a different app, I'd prepare your data migration plan before hand.

    - Last suggestion, is to look into a QB to QB sync table.  You could sync the companies to a different app and then build the new process there.

  • 3.  RE: Remove Table

    Posted 10-20-2017 17:52
    I love it when someone combats my crazy ideas with sound logic and knowledge.

    I think I'm going to try the Sync idea.  That should work nicely.

    Thanks Matthew,