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Script Injection Techniques Recap

  • 1.  Script Injection Techniques Recap

    Posted 06-24-2018 19:38
    I thought this summary of Script Injection Techniques might help others understand the various options for injecting script into QuickBase:

    Name: IOL (Image On Load)

    Scope: {new, edit, view, report, grid edit} pages

    Notes & Pros:
    • Oldest Technique
    • Most Examples

    • N/A to Charts, Admin & Other Pages
    • Loads Late / Could Flicker

    Name: BOL (Branding On Load)

    Scope: All Pages In App

    Notes & Pros:
    • Modifies Branding Bar
    • Easy for QB to Implement
    • Loads Early-ish
    • Fragile To QB Change

    Name: SW (Service Worker)

    Scope: All PagesIn Entire Account!

    Notes & Pros:
    • God Mode - Extremely Powerful
    • Offline, Notifications, Background Sync ...
    • Loads Before Rendering Starts
    • All or Nothing: Takes Over Account

    Name: DWS (Dashboard Widget Script)

    Scope: Application Dashboard

    Notes & Pros:
    • Simple Setup with Web Page Widget
    • Applies Only to Dashboard

    Name: US (User Script)

    Scope: URL Pattern

    Notes & Pros:
    • Match Against URL Patterns
    • GreaseMonkey, TamperMonkey
    • Must Install On Per User Basis
    • Differences Between Browsers

    Name: OEH (On Error HTML)

    Scope: {new, edit, view, report, grid edit} pages

    Notes & Pros:
    • Variant of IOL
    • No Code Page Needed
    • Not Very Human Readable (HTML Encoded Script)
    • When Used On Reports Can Create Heavy Payload

    Name: DCO (Dev Console Override)

    Scope: Specified URL

    Notes & Pros:
    • Convent For Development
    • Can Kill Evergage Spew To Console
    • Can Replace Or Modify Any Served Asset (HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc)
    • Setup Per User
    • Somewhat Technical
    • Chrome Only At This Time

  • 2.  RE: Script Injection Techniques Recap

    Posted 08-02-2018 18:22
    do you have example code for each?

  • 3.  RE: Script Injection Techniques Recap

    Posted 08-17-2018 18:40
    any code examples