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Date change makes additional field required

  • 1.  Date change makes additional field required

    Posted 02-26-2018 21:10
    One of our apps is for our CRM.  Currently, we have a Date field for "Forecast Close Date".  It's required when a new opportunity is input.  Currently, that can be changed at any time for any reason by the Sales Teams.  However, I would like add a new, required field, for when that date gets pushed to a date further in the future.
    i.e., the date in the "Forecast Close Date" is currently set as 2/28/2018.  The Sales Rep goes in, and changes that date to 03/05/2018.  At this point, I would like both a dropdown and note box to appear (I know how to do that) and become mandatory.
    I've tried working with some of the logic and rules, but everything is based on "the date in the field is before or after today +/- ___".  That doesn't work.  I would just like it to note that the date is now further in the future than a date that is already in the future.
    I hope that makes sense.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


  • 2.  RE: Date change makes additional field required

    Posted 02-27-2018 17:15
    Hey Mike, one idea is to create a logged text field and then create a rule on the form that says, when saved, update the logged field with the date in the Forecast Close Date field. This will create a running log and you could do formula's on these two fields to show how many days between the first entry and the current close date, or even the last entry and the current entry, etc.