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Create form for every month

  • 1.  Create form for every month

    Posted 08-06-2018 13:35
    I have a form an operator fills out for every order. I also made a table called months. I made a relationship so that for each month there can be multiple orders. Is there a way to automatically create infinite months (i.e. Jan 2017, Feb 2017, March 2017 .... Jan 2018, Feb 2018 etc.)

  • 2.  RE: Create form for every month

    Posted 08-06-2018 14:12
    Are you simply asking if there is a way to say import from Excel to make say the next 10 years of months? If so, can you say the format of the month? Is it a date field for the 1st if the month or it it Words?

    But in any event, typically we would do that one time creation in excel with enough Excel rows to go out 10 or 20 years, and then import the excel sheet to create the records.