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  • 1.  Dynamic Filter - Field Not Available

    Posted 9 days ago

    I have a table with a model year field that is a reference field in a relationship. It won't show up as available to use as a dynamic filter on reports. Any idea why not? There are only 21 model years (all unique).

    I have tried using a formula field to change the data type of the model year from number to text. No dice.

    I added another field that is a duplicate numerical field named model_year that is not a reference field nor is it part of any relationship. It won't show up either? I tried changing this field to a text field and it still didn't show up.

    The field is available to select as an x or y axis variable. I don't understand what the issue is.

    It doesn't appear to be because of a feature limitation:

    Adam Keever

  • 2.  RE: Dynamic Filter - Field Not Available

    Posted yesterday

    Hey Adam,

    There is a table in the Help article "Using dynamic filters" called Quickbase field types used for dynamic filters. It includes columns for Reference and Lookup fields. If you see your field type with a Y in the Reference Field column, and it's not working, then please open a support ticket.

    Chelsea Carpenter