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  • 1.  M-M relationship

    Posted 05-30-2022 11:27

    for M-M relationship
    It's only work if we make a third joined table, Right ? 

    Making two 1-M relationship between the two tables is wrong ? correct ?

    By saying wrong I mean it will be logically incorrect ,
    So If Someone handled an app to me with this procedure I need to create joined table instead of two 1-M relationship between the two tables right ? 

    Yasser Sabry

  • 2.  RE: M-M relationship

    Posted 05-31-2022 09:54
    Hi Yasser,

    If you are looking to be able to have records related so that many records could be related to many records yes you would need a 3rd many to many table to serve as the join to allow you to get the flexibility for many records from table a to be related to many records from table b. There are use cases people have where they relate two tables back to eachother but for a true many to many the joins table is important to give you the relationships you need.

    Evan Martinez