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2 months ago

Relationships functional question

Hello! Intermediate-level user here and very much enjoyed the former QB forum - hoping to see some familiar faces on here.

I am dipping my toes in the waters of fixing a Quickbase app that I didn't actually build - which is great! Something I'm thinking I want to learn more about/perhaps pursue from here. But also feels like the litmus test here - fixing my own Quickbase that I built is one thing, but now getting to know the ins-and-outs of someone else's is - wow. Anyway. 

One ask from the team I'm refreshing this for, I'm struggling with because I'm not sure this is possible. They want to see on the Table view, a field that populates a date from the related table of the last record. Perhaps there's a formula that I can pull to make this a field. So -- in the simplest terms, I feel like what this field needs to be is:

Parent Table owns the field, and that field is points to the Record Date of the newest Child Table record.

How can I do this? Is there perhaps a formula field to build? Also - I see my predecessor attempted this, and it is reporting out on several fields..... I don't quite know how to make sure my fix populates everywhere, other than editing the specific existing field. Could I just copy that field, and it'll still report on those records? I know if I "change type" of field, you can often only do that once, and it won't let you change it a second time.

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  • I am not sure I understand the ask. Are you saying you have a parent record with multiple children, and each of these children have a date and you want to show the most recent date on the parent?

    If so, that would be your typical summary field. Where you use the Maximum Date from the child.

    If this is not what you are going for, I think it would help if you explained the tables (two tables?), their relationship, and perhaps an example of what you are hoping to achieve.

  • Regarding your last comment that you can only change type of field once, this is not the case. You should be able to change the field as many times as you like. The only exception I know, is that if you change it into a multi select field (and I think also a list user field), you can no longer change the type. Other than that, you can keep changing the type of field.

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      Thank you!

      Okay yes, that is where I've seen that transpire is if I changed a field to multi-select (including formula multi-select text).

      My predecessor seems to have done what you're mentioning and set it to Maximum Date from the child. I don't know what then is misfiring on that field..... in one example, it produces 11-13-2023 as the "latest record" - and is supposed to be summarizing a specific field, which is "Date of Service". On that exact example, both the Date of Service on the child table AND the newest record were created on 11-14-2023. I'm not sure why the 1 day discrepancy.

      The function here is supposed to be:

      • Parent Table = Community Organizations
      • Child Table = Our program's outreach to those organization
      • Ideal field = Renders the date of the latest outreach onto the parent table, which could be the record date, but most accurately is pointing to the date the staff entered as "Date of Service/Outreach"
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        I think you are over complicating this. Mike is right what he suggested above. Just go to that relationship and make a summary maximum of the field [Date of Service]