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  • 1.  Using multi select field in pipelines

    Posted 02-22-2023 10:38

    Hi, I have a pipeline set up that takes a data( a name) from a look up field in one table and moves it to a multi select field on another table. However, each time the pipeline runs, the original name is replaced by the new name instead of added to the list in the multi select field. Does anyone know a way round this? I basically want to have the original AND new value in the same field.

    For various reasons I cant copy the data between tables through relationships, so need to do this through a pipeline.

    Many thanks,


    Laura Taylor-McAllister

  • 2.  RE: Using multi select field in pipelines
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    Posted 02-22-2023 10:49

    A Multi select field in QuickBase is actually stored as semicolon delimited string with spaces around the semicolons. I'm not honestly sure whether you need the spaces when you are creating new entries with the pipeline but let's assume you do.  

    So under the covers it looks like this.  Apples ; Peaches ; Pairs ; Plums

    So in order to add a new entry to that field you are going to have to append on the new entry by adding a space ; space then the new value. 

    so in he pipeline step you should just be able to do something like this

    {{a.mult_select_field}} ; {{b.new_value_field}}

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)

  • 3.  RE: Using multi select field in pipelines

    Posted 02-22-2023 12:35

    Thank you Mark for such a quick response! I will give it a go :)

    Laura Taylor-McAllister

  • 4.  RE: Using multi select field in pipelines

    Posted 04-17-2023 13:07

    I had the same issue, I was able to bypass this by adding jinja to the multi-select field in pipelines. In order to start the JINJA2 process for a multi-select field you must first drag and drop from the list of the table you desire a field into the multi select field. Once that happens, you can then create Jinja2 code. This was my code to fix the error you are speaking of:

    B.Field is my multi-select field on Table B that will be receiving data
    A.Text is my text field on Table A 

    {% if B.Field == none %}
      {{ A.Text }}
    {% elif B.Field != none %}
      {{ [A.Text, B.Field]|join(' ;') }}
    {% endif %}

    Hope this helps!

    Shane Miller