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How do I track changes users make on my kanban boards?

How do I track changes users make on my kanban boards?

You can create an Automation that will allow you to keep track of who is moving the cards on a Kanban board. Here's how:


1.      Create two new fields: a Text field called "Change Log", and  Formula - Text field called "Last Modified By (Text)".


2.      Edit the properties of the two fields. For the Change Log field,  check Log the edits to this field

For the "Last Modified By (Text)" field, enter this for the formula:

UserToName([Last Modified By])

3.      From your app's home page, click Settings.

4.      Next to Automations, click + New.

5.      Choose When data changes as the trigger type.

6.      Set up the automation to trigger when a record is updated on the table where your kanban board is located, only when the field used for your kanban columns is changed.

7.      Click Add an action.


8.      Choose Modify record(s) as the action type, then click Finish.

NOTE:If after clicking Finish, you get a message saying, "here are some potential child records you could modify", click *OR modify record(s) from a different table*.


9.      In this case, the record which triggered the automation and the record we want to modify are the same. So again, under Table, choose the table your kanban board is on.


10.  Under Which Records, set up the filter to match the Record ID# in the action to the Record ID# of the triggering record. This tells Quickbase that the triggering record should update itself, as seen here:


11.  Under Add Fields, click Select fields, select the Change Log field, then click Add.


12.  After you click Add, a box will appear to fill in the value you want to write to the Change Log field. You can use the  menu to select values from the record to build a log message like this:


13.  Click Save & close.


Now, any time one of your users moves a card between columns on the kanban board you'll have a log of those changes.

To learn more, check out these resources:

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  • The automation is adding something else, any ideas on how to fix? The <#####.dddv> should not be there.

  • Hi Everett, whoops sorry about that! It's because Last Modified By is a User field, so the user ID will be shown along with the user's name. Instead, you can make a Formula - Text field called _Last Modified By (Text) _with this formula:

    UserToName([Last Modified By])

    Then, you can use the formula field in the automation instead. I'll update the article above so others create this formula as well.

    - Brian
  • Thanks for posting this Brian! I love seeing all the great things which can be built combining automations and Quick Base's user interface!

    Sam Jones
    Quick Base Product Manager