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5 years ago

Quick Base Thanksgiving (less stuffing more Apps)

With Thanksgiving fast approaching it is that time of the year (unbelievably, I know) where we reflect on things we are grateful for.  With that in mind, I wanted to throw out a seasonal off-topic thread on things you are grateful for this year in your professional life and growth. It would be great to hear some of the things you are grateful for and what has helped to push you forward in the last year.

Not sure what to talk about but want to participate? I have a few suggested questions below, pick one or a few to share. 
1.What is one piece of professional/workplace advice that you are most grateful to have received
2. What is one Quick Base feature that you are grateful for and what did it change for you?

3. In the last year what is a challenge that you tackled that helped grow your skills and pushed you out of your comfort zone? How did it push your skills to grow?
4. What is one time saving trick you have picked up this year that has proven itself to be a blessing?

Have an App-y Thanksgiving!

Evan Martinez
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