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Hopefully an easy question/answer.

My portfolio of APPs is growing.  Many of them are only periodically viewed.  Is there a way to create an "umbrella" app, called Archives where older apps can be stored?

Thanks in advance and a good weekend to all,
Bruce Kasen

Bruce Kasen

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  • Apps aren't really setup in that type of hierarchy, though you can setup a Category for "Archives" on your My Apps page. It doesn't sound like this would be what you're going for, though. Can you explain a bit more about the problem that you're wanting to solve for?

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      One option is to rename the apps in the format

      |Archive ABC App

      and the ones that are named with a vertical pipe  | will sort last.

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  • Hi Bruce,

    If you are wanting a better way to mark out those archived apps for your users another option is to make use of Data Classification. It allows you to label apps for your users and yourself to help you categorize apps that are high priority or in your case as those that are archived and no longer in active use. You can learn more about Data Classification and how to enable it right here.

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