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3 years ago

Autofilling fields when adding a Child Record after generating a Temporary Report

Hi, I'm back at this Quickbase still in the hopes of convincing my organization we should go with this. Now I have a minor annoyance that seems like it should really be fixable but I'm not sure.

I really want my users to view the Location table and from the appropriate record, click View Clients, then search for a Client, and if not present, add that Client (duplicates may cause many problems!).

When the user clicks "View Clients..." this produces a temporary report, where the "Related Location is #" On that page, if the client doesn't exist, the user will click the "+New Client"  This is where the minor annoyance comes in. In the new record form for adding the client, the user now has to specify the parent record from Location even though they just left a page where the location was specified. Is there a way to automatically fill that field based on the fact the user just left a page where the related parent record was already specified?

Also, for many users, there is only going to be one choice for Location anyway, which makes it also a minor annoyance to not have the field automatically populate with the only choice available. Any methods to reduce this annoyance?


David Halter

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  • David,
    I can help you get this working on a one on one basis at no cost. Contact me by the email in my signature line.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)