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3 years ago

Automation Migration Issue: File Attachment field type


Have any of you used the Automation Migration feature to migrate your automations to pipelines?  I received the error stating "Migration failed - File field type is not supported."  My guess is because the automations I tried to migrate have File Attachment field type.  According to the article on Quickbase Help, File Attachment is one of the fields that are not fully supported in an automation ("Fields of these types are not included in the list of fields you can retrieve data from in an automation").

If you have experienced this before, can you please advise what I need to do to resolve this issue?  Per user requirement, the File Attachment field MUST be copied from app A to app B so the person on app B can download the attached file and work on it.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thank you.

Thatchrina Bryan

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  • Hi Thatchrina,

    So currently you have a Quickbase Automation that is grabbing a file attachment field and moving the file attachment from one table to another? Does that Automation actually currently work for you? An alternative to copying over a file attachment is to create a formula URL field in App A that is set up to display a URL for the file attachment field and copy that over into a URL field in App B that way your users could click on the link and still download the file attachment from its place in App A and you aren't maintaining two separate file attachment fields with the same content in them.

    Evan Martinez