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5 years ago

Calculating duration for business hours

I have a formula where it is tracking how long does a rep stay on a current status.

I'm using the following formula to calculate this but it seems like it is also including the hours during the nonbusiness hours(9am-6pm). Is there a way to write a formula to only calculate the hours during our office hours? 

Endy Lu

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  • Hello Endy,

    It sounds like you want this duration field to stop at 6pm regardless of whether or not they have populated the [Time Stamp At lender] field.  I believe that would require adding a condition that states: If Now() => 6pm and [Time Stamp At lender]="", 6pm - [Date Created].

    If you'd like I'd be happy to find 30 minutes tomorrow to help you think through this.  Feel free to send me a note with some times that work

    Freddie Sabbs
    Senior Solutions Consultant
    Quick Base
    Cambridge MA