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5 years ago

Column heading override in Summary Table


we can change the Name of the Column by a simple "Column heading override". --> This is true in a Table view
But, How can we achieve the same feature in a Summary table?

In other words, I want to change the column(field) names in a Summary Table. How can it be done?
--> Can I change the heading of this field in this Summary Table?

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    Do you use the image on load technique or anything like that? If you already have that up and running in your app you could use it to change the report heading you see. I believe that is the only way to do it currently for a summary report.

    If you go to the report in question and open up the browser console(in Chrome it is F12) and enter in document.querySelector("#anchorCell > div").textContent it should spit out the first columns text. If you run the following command it will change it to whatever you want. document.querySelector("#anchorCell > div").textContent = "whatever you want". Combine that with the image on load technique and it can do that every time the page loads that report.

    This works great on a dashboard as you can load a code page on there and have it only affect the reports on that dashboard. Otherwise it gets a little more messy. Scroll down to where Dan explains the code page part in post 12 if interested in that.

    If you change where the reports are on the page it will likely affect the code so keep that in mind if you do this. You will need to figure out the code to use for each report or column but that is easy using Inspect in chrome. If you need more information about this I can help there too. If you have not dealt with JavaScript before this is a pretty easy way to get into it I think.