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2 years ago

Connect only filtered rows to a child table


I am building an app with matching candidate and job.
These tables are many-to-many related and there is a junction table between these tables, named candidateJob.
Job table has a status column with options like active, filled, closed, etc., and I only want jobs with active status to be available options for the form, when adding a new candidateJob in the junction table. 

I have tried dynamic form rules, but it cannot prevent jobs with other status coming into the form; all I could do was to make the form back into blank when those jobs were chosen. 
I also tried to manipulate reference field option with conditional values, but it requires a field to be chosen to start, which is not what I want.

I want jobs with only active status to be connected into its child table, candidateJob, so that the user doesn't need to deal with choosing a valid job among various status. 

Thank you in advance.

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  • Create a report in the connected table that has the data you want to show in the drop-down (Up to 3 Fields and filter that report)

    Right-click on the field on the Form and Edit Properties of this Form Element. This will bring you to the correct field on the Customize Form screen. Over on the right, instead of choosing the Default (Record Picker) 

    Base the Record picker on the report you just created.

    Tammie King