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2 years ago

Create a simple edit record button

I am attempting to create a button to use on a table or a form to allow not so familiar users to find easily.

I am using this formula

in a URL-formula field but am getting an error.

Is the URL-Formula field the way to go?

Michael Hall

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  • That looks like an API parameter.
    For building links to use within the APP its "a=er"

    Post your entire formula if you need any more help.

    Simon H
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      ?act=API_EditRecord is used when your button is editing the record behind-the-scenes; and not directly by the User.

      ?a=er is when you want the user to navigate to a record Form and edit manually (er = edit record OR dr = display record)

      Hopefully that clarifies for those interested.

      Laura Thacker (IDS)
      (626) 771 0454