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3 years ago

Creating Revision form in quickbase

Dear Quickbase Solver, 

I have a problem that i need to solve in my organization. 
We have form Purchase that already establish and i need to make a revision purchase form in it. 
For example, Purchase form is already submitted and approved and suddenly the requester want to change the items inside the form. Easy way to do this is requester just edit the items and click save, however we would like to record the previous form approved as a history record for us to view. 
I hope my question is clear enough to understand. 
How can i execute this function in Quickbase ? 

Many thanks

Quickbase Admin

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    There is an app in the QuickBase Exchange entitled, "ABC Customer Updates their own Records".

    It uses EOTI (Everyone on the internet) to update child records with new updates.  Upon saving a Pipeline edits the original record. 

    1. Someone fills out a form.
    2. They get an email with an update button.
    3. The person wants to update so they press the button. The button has embedded in it all the details they originally submitted.
    4. When they press the button it fills out the form with everything known. This gives people the option to edit the known data or add to it.
    5. Upon saving, a QuickBase Pipeline fires to update the original record.
    6. Because the update table is a child of the original submission form, it naturally keeps a record of all the changes.

    There is a video on the dashboard of the application that goes over the theory behind this.

    We cover topics like this during out daily (M-F) "Office Hours" webinars held each weekday at 1:00PM Eastern.  All are welcome.

    Kirk Trachy , Senior Solutions Consultant
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  • Good morning,
    The way I understand the problem you as the app admin want a historical record of the Form View, and to update it with the new revision moving forward. If this is the case, then Go to Form Settings, and copy the form, and rename it with the Previous revision number that you want to give it, and then you are able to edit the original form to fit the new design.
    If you want your users to be able to edit the forms, then you should do what Kirk suggested.
    Thank you,

    John Crosland