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5 years ago

export to excel dates in different forms

Does anyone know how I can solve this issue:
When I extract my data to csv/excel the dates of my events are in different formats, 1/10/2020, meaning Jan 10 2020, or 1-10-2020, meaning october 10 2020. How can i make this unique? It looks all the same in QB.
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Denise Egas

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    May i suggest to check the output files (CSV) first in a plain text editor like notepad to see if the output file is correct.
    further check the date settings on the app properties in QB so that QB indeed exports in the format as you expect

    Excel (or perhaps Microsoft) is also not very bright with CSV files both ways in my experience.
    I noticed that with some 'difficult files' you have a little it more control when you import the CSV via the wizard >Data>From text/CSV instead of opening the CSV file in excel and that convert to columns.

    Jan-Willem S