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3 years ago

Field completed auto populates other fields

I am new to developing in Quickbase or any other program.  I am building an app where if a person selects one of three regions, I would like to populate only those associated with that region to select.

For example, I have three regions, and each region has three items (each item is different in a region and stored in a region table), when I select Region X, I only what the three choices in Region X to be displayed, not the other items associated with the other two regions.

Thoughts or suggestions?


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  • If you have the Item Masters coded as to which single Region that they belong to, and if the liner items items are being pulled in off a relationship to the Item Master, then you can edit the field properties for [Related Item] to flag it as being "Conditional", and set it so that when the Region is selected on the Record that only Related Items for that Region should appear in the dropdown.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)