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Formula - Date + Number of Days from Numeric Field

How do I write a formula to return me a date by taking an existing date field and adding a numeric field number to it to give me an estimated date as return?

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  • Formulas in Quickbase work very similarly to formulas in standard mathematics and also to formulas in Excel, so once you get into it, you'll realize they're a bit easier than you realized.

    For your example, you've got 2 fields - [My Date] a Date field, and [My Number] a Number field. To add these together, they have to represent compatible values. Since Numbers can't be added to Dates, we'll have to change [My Number] to a Duration. To do that, would would create a formula like this:
    Days([My Number])​
    Days is a Function in Quickbase that converts a Numeric value to a Duration. This can then be used in calculations with Durations or Dates. To add this to your date value, we would just do a standard addition formula like this:
    [My Date] + Days([My Number])​

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