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9 months ago

Getting Started with Quickbase

Getting Started on Quickbase – A Guide             

Do you fit into one of the below three categories?

1)      You are looking for a Dynamic Work Management tool and you're exploring Quickbase.

2)      You're in the middle of a Trial with Quickbase and you want to see what the Quickbase community has to offer.

3)      You're a new customer getting started on Quickbase.

Yes? Fantastic. It doesn't matter how you got here, what's important is that you're here! Congratulations on getting to this stage, and welcome to The Qrew!

This is a guide designed to help you navigate Qrew Discussions, our online Community forum, as well as our other resources designed to help you launch your Quickbase accounts the right way.

What should you do first?

Check out Quickbase University's Getting Started series.

There's no better way to start Quickbase than to watch this series, where you'll get a few short and to the point videos on…

1.       How to start a builder account*

2.       How to download a free app from our Exchange*

3.       Navigating Quickbase

4.       Quickbase Concepts

5.       Intro to Database Concepts

6.       App Planning Basics


*Highly Recommended for those getting started with Quickbase to have both 1) a builder account as a sandbox space and 2) a few templated apps from Exchange to see what a finished result could look like!


What's Next?


Now that you have a builder account and a couple apps off our Exchange, you should start applying some of the basics you learned from this series.

But are you running into a challenge? Or do you want to know how to do something not covered in these videos?

Join the Conversation!

You see that big green button on your Getting Started Community homepage next to "Latest Discussions" that reads "Join the Conversation"?

Click it!

This is how you ask The Qrew a question. Go on, ask a Quickbase question that's top of mind? As you're just getting started with our platform, this is the perfect place to tap into this community. The Qrew is filled with subject matter experts who love answering questions in the Getting Started Qrew Discussions space.

A few recommendations as you ask your first question to The Qrew…

a.       Give yourself a strong Discussion subject that summarizes your question. "How Easy Is It to Migrate Excel Files to Quickbase Apps?" is an example of a good subject title. "Excel" is an example of a subject title that needs more detail.

b.       Ask your question, add an attachment if you think it will be useful for The Qrew to see what you're working on, and hit "Post". Make sure you present your challenge clearly and do your best to be as specific as possible. Questions with more specificity are more likely to be responded to than questions that span too many topics all at once.

c.       Sit back and wait for responses, a member of The Qrew should post a response for you soon!

Fantastic! You have asked your first Qrew Discussions question, you're well on your way to being a full fledged Qrew member.

What else can you do?

Find YOUR Qrew.

 Do you want to find others in The Qrew from your industry or who have a similar role?  

Maybe you're interested in surrounding yourself with the best and brightest from The Qrew and seeing the potential for this platform?

Join a Qrew Group! Qrew Groups are both virtual or in-person. Some are led by Quickbase staff, some are led by Qrew Champions from the Quickbase Community. This is how you connect with others in The Qrew to grow your game and expand your professional networks.

While you're on our Qrew Groups page, a few suggestions…

d.       Check Out the Discussion threads within each of our Qrew Groups. These exist so Qrew Groups can keep the conversation going in between meetups.

e.       Register for an upcoming event on the Quickbase Events page. These are free. This is the best way to see what The Qrew is all about; meetings will typically involve Qrew Members sharing how they use Quickbase and what value they've created for their organizations using this platform.


Hopefully by now you have watched our Getting Started series. In doing so you created a builder account and downloaded apps from the Exchange, which is a great way to start. As you discover new questions, you can start a Qrew Discussion. Hopefully you want to meet others in the Qrew, and you have signed up for a future Qrew Group meetup.

Congratulations on starting your Quickbase journey in the smartest way you can, which is to tap into the best resources The Qrew has to offer.

Welcome to The Qrew. You're in.

Ben Simon

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  • Thank you for this super detailed post! It's very helpful for someone who just logged on, much appreciated! 

    Sierra Fisher
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      Community Manager

      Happy to help Sierra!! Welcome to The Qrew!

      Ben Simon

      Do you have Feedback on how to make Qrew Discussions a better experience? Let's chat!