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4 years ago

Granting one user multiple roles

I recently assigned a user (not an admin) to multiple roles in the same app. That user has a management role as well as a test - front office role. I want the user to be able to view patients based on one form I created for the management role, but I also want this user to view a beta version of a new form I created under their test - front office role within the same table. My question is, how does this user toggle back and forth from multiple roles? Are they asked to select a role when they log in or do I need to go through an additional step(s) in order for this to work?


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    They are given permissions that are the highest between the 2 roles for whatever they are doing.

    I am not 100% on which role the form goes with automatically but I am thinking it will go with the role that is highest in the role list. That is what I am remembering anyway.

    If you want them to jump between forms on a record you can give them a button on both forms that is only shown to whatever role they are in. You can use &dfid=20 in the URL and replace 20 with the form id you want them to go to.

    The URL for that button would be:

    URLRoot()&"db/"&[_DBID_MY_TABLE]&"?a=dr&dfid=15&rid="&[Record ID#]

    You can change the "?a=dr" part to be "?a=er" to edit the record instead.
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      That worked. Thank you, Austin!

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        Good morning,
        That way definitely will work. However, I think that a better long term solution would be to utilize the test as other users or role feature. You will need to grant their role this ability. They will be able to flip between the different roles to see what others are/will see.

        Hope this helps!

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