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5 years ago

Help with form styles: CSS and HTML

We have a current install of QuickBase and currently our developers with QuickBase knowledge are busy or unsure of how to change styles with using a Form.  I did some digging and we could do the form as a rich text or coded page.  I am hoping that we don't have to start over.
Note:  Form was created with a type of home page.

My issues are with usability and presentation:
1.  Text is not vertically centered in a multi-select

2.  Multi choice box top and left border not showing:
Also I would like to get rid of the "select up to 20 choices"  text below the box.

My ask:
1.  Is there a way to change the CSS for the form? 
If yes:
is this a global change or just to the form?
2. Can I change the the base of a form to a new one and change the CSS?  
3.  Using a formula with rich text work for my issues?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Harris Park

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  • Harris -

    Were you able to find a solution that suited you? Unfortunately, at this time there are not a lot of ways to customize the CSS on a form without building a totally custom HTML form using a Code Page.

    Blake Harrison -
    Quick Base Solution Provider