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5 years ago

How do I delete a duplicate time sheet

How do I delete a duplicate time sheet?
I copied my previous time sheet it is not allowing me to change the date to the current week.  In my attempts at fixing it now I have 3.

Jennie Sprouse

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  • Hi Jennie,

    When you edit a record if you have the permissions to delete the record it should show up in the upper right hand corner of the record next to the save button. If you aren't able to see an option to delete your extra records when editing them it may be because the admin of your app has restricted access to the ability to delete. For that you would want to reach out to the person or persons in your organization who builds and maintains the apps you use in Quick Base to check in with them on the right process to delete a record. I hope that suggestion is helpful Jennie.

    Evan Martinez
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