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5 years ago

How to format reports


I am a novice QuickBase user.  I have been tasked with "mapping" partitioned boxes that contain vials.  The company wants to know what is in the vial, when it was created, the concentration, and other label information.  I have mapped these boxes in Excel, but would really rather have this be a database for many reasons (security being one of them).  In addition to knowing what we have, we would like to be able to remove vials with the date, person, and purpose.
I want the report to look something like this:
Is there a way in quickbase to set up forms and tables so that it gives a report like this?  Thanks!

Rebecca Lutz

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  • Rebecca,

    I have a few possibilities on how this database might be structured, and would be happy to setup an example app for you to review if interested. Would you please provide further detail about what your screen shot information means specifically? Also, you indicate that a box could contain multiple vials. What does a vial contain itself? Are there multiple components, or do you truly need just the date created, concentration, date removed, removal purpose, etc.? 

    Also, the specific report layout you show here isn't directly possible with native Quick Base reports. If you describe what you want to report I could also see how close we can get to accomplish that.

    Eric Mohlman