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4 years ago

I want to create a copy button which will copy Parent table data with all related childs

I want to create a copy button which will copy Parent and child records.


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  • Copy Master and detail records button doesn't work here bcoz of looping relationships.

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      Copy master detail functionality is very powerful but also very picky about when it will and will not work.

      Here is some help text.

      I would say that almost everyone of us who has worked with copy master detail has run into that same limitation. There really is no workaround to that limitation other than changing the structure of your app or limiting which the relationships that you were asking the functionality to copy..

      If you think of a traditional family tree diagram with parents and children and grandchildren, the copy master detail function will work as long as that family tree is 100% traditional. You cannot have any funny business where you have brothers and sisters getting married or cousins getting married or relationships skipping levels.  The family tree just needs to progress very naturally in a conventional sense.

      If you do have branches of the family tree which are unconventional then you can configure the copy master detail not to include those relationships. 

      If you do want to help solving this problem what I suggest you do is to go to your settings for the application and then under app management look for the relationship diagram. Organize that in a tidy as possible way and then post that picture to your question.  You will then have to tell us which relationships you want copied when you use the copy master detail button then we can tell you whether or not it will work or what you would have to do to get it to work.

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      One option would be to use Pipelines to generate the copied records. You won't be able to re-direct your user to the new record, but it will get you the ability to copy any related record you want.

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