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5 years ago

Is there any Environment setup that is needed to get Webhooks to work?

I created a very simple Webhook (write 1 field value to another field value in a different table  in the same App)  that works in the online builder environment provided by QB but does not on my corporate environment. I of course changed the Endpoint  address and the user token but I get a 404 - Page Not Found  error and when I check my user token it says that it was never invoked. (The Webhook that I created was from the Quickbase university courses.) The only thing that I think I can account this to is a "different environment setup." Any guidance would be most appreciated. Thanks.

John Sampath

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    Without seeing your webhook and how you set it up and exactly how you are triggering it it is tough to say. If you can provide screenshots of those things it may help. If you are getting a 404 error I would look at your end point URL for sure.

    There shouldn't be anything different really. Make sure your user token is set up for the right app. IF you have app tokens enabled on your app(by default they are I think) then you may need to provide the app token as well. Sometimes the user token can be substituted but not in every case so it is worth checking.
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      Hi John,

      I would agree with Austin that usually when the issue is a User Token you get an authentication error back. The most common reason to get an issue with a 404 error on a Webhook usually has to do with the endpoint. You would want to make sure that the account URL is set to the correct realm (for example it might need to be instead of and that you have updated to DBID to the correct application and table (sometimes a character can get cut off or if the DBID isn't updated to the right target table you can run into these issues. The DBID would be the portion after the, it is usually in a combination of letters and numbers and would need to point to the right destination table in the account url you are referencing. I hope those suggestions are helpful.

      Evan Martinez
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