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5 years ago

Look for the next occurrence in a field and fill another field as a Predecessor

Hi all....

I am very new in Quickbase and I would like to find a predecessor info in a string field and fill another field with it.
I am doing it just to find the repeat occurrences based in another field within a period of 7 days. 
Ticket No Predecessor Ticket No Terminal ID CallDate Predecessor CallDate CallDate - Predecessor CallDate (Dias) Repeat
2260719   N10090 26-Dec-19      
2321745 2260719 N10090 28-Jan-20 26-Dec-19 33 FALSE
2378755 2321745 N10090 27-Feb-20 28-Jan-20 30 FALSE
2383228 2378755 N10090 29-Feb-20 27-Feb-20 2 TRUE
2388505 2383228 N10090 2-Mar-20 29-Feb-20 2 TRUE

Predecessor Ticket No is the field I would like to fill once the Terminal ID is the same

David Rascon

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  • Any help please I am getting crazy trying to find how...

    Thank you!

    David Rascon