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2 months ago

Updating predecessors in a pipeline

Hi all, 

I am creating templates for our projects that contain a set number of tasks done in a specific order. I want to use a pipeline to create and schedule tasks when a new project is created. I'm running into a roadblock where I can't figure out how to keep the predecessors of the tasks so we can set a start date when the project is created, and it will populate all future task dates. 

I hope that makes sense. The pipeline is working fine to create the tasks, but I can't figure out how to set the predecessors. 

Here is my table structure (simplified):

[TABLE] Template Projects
- Project Name

[TABLE] Template Tasks 
- Task Name
- Duration

[TABLE] Template Project/Tasks Associations
- Related Project
- Related Task
- Predecessors

[TABLE] Project 
- Select Template (Related Template Project)
- Start Date

[TABLE] Tasks
- Related Project
- Task Name
- Duration
- Start Date
- Project Finish
- Predecessors

(Please be kind, I am new to this)

Thanks in advance!

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  • You will need to have the Pipeline call the CopyMasterDetailAPI to create the children.  That's going to be the best way. 

    You can use the Make Request Pipeline step. 

  • Sorry I was off a couple days. Yes, I'm using the native predecessor field. I will check out the CopyMasterDetailAPI and see if I can get that to work. Thank you!!! 

  • OK so I might need some help. The 3 Template tables above are in one app (let's call it the Template App) and the Project and Tasks table is in another (Project App)

    I get this error: Quickbase reported an error: 2 : Invalid input : Source record does not exist

    Below is the URL I'm using in that request. What could I be doing wrong? I was playing around with the source ID and this is where I ended up...

    Does this look right? Am I completely off here? 

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      Ok, I re-read your original question now I realize I should've answered with a little more thought put into it. The coffee master detail is very powerful in part because it can also deal with the issue of predecessors.  

      But in order for that to be legal you need to have a couple of requirements. One is that the projects and tasks all need to live in the same tables. In other words you would have to designate certain projects to be special template projects and therefore their Tasks become a special tasks which can be used in the copy master detail. You cannot have a separate table to hold the template tasks.

      Typically what you do is you set up the special projects with their special tasks and you flag them as being template projects. Then you use permissions to make sure that your regular users can't accidentally mess around with your templates. 

      Know how much data and kind of investment you already have in your current structure but it's a pretty simple test to set up a Template Project in your Projects table and hence a set of templated tasks.  Do the predecessors manually, and then do a test with the API or in fact it may be easier to have your users push a button which can be created with the CopyMaster Detail wizard helper found in the App management Settings for the app.

      The use of Copy Master detail it's also very particular that the structure of the app for any of the tables involved must be purely hierarchy.   By that I mean one parent has many children and their children can have children of their own. But you can't have any "incestuous" relationship like relationships between parents for example.  I imagine that you would want your users to be able to be sitting on a project record and be able to select the special template project which has the template tasks. Soon as you do that you violate the pure hierarchy of relationship.


      As I recall I think I got around this in the past by making a connected sync table of the templated of projects.    By that I mean just a connected sink table of the template project names and of course the record ideas will come across automatically.  

      Of course the record ideas of your connected same table will match perfectly with the record IDs in your projects table. They will be identical. So then you would use the record ID of the related template record as kind of a proxy representation for the record ID of the project template record in your main projects table.  

      Now I hope that's all clear and feel free to post back with any questions or email me directly since currently they are debugging this new Forum and I am not receiving any email notifications when you do updates.  

      If you come back and see you have too much invested in your current structure to do what I'm suggesting then while I'm not saying that anything is impossible, let me say it's going to be extremely difficult to create some kind of crazy pipeline which will set up the predecessor records. That copy master detail functionality is really ancient code under the covers at QuickBase that does it's magic and it would be very hard to replicate with a fancy pipeline  


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        This is actually how we have this set up now in Projects app, but we have a lot of tasks that are done in multiple templates and done in different order, so I was trying to make the template/task associations easier to manage outside of Projects. Maybe I can update with a new Associations table in the Projects app. 

        Let me try this out and I'll respond again. I, too, am not getting notifications on responses :)