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4 years ago

Mobile -- Add child record button not appearing before initial save occurs.

Hi all. 

On the mobile app, the button to add a child record doesn't seem to appear until the initial save occurs.  For the user this is a bit annoying... Enter new data and save. View the data. Go back to the part of the form you needed to for adding the child record.  On the web app this is not the case. You can just fill all the info nicely from one form to the next and it flows really well.  Is there a fix or work-around for this on mobile?

I suppose a business case might look like this:
Parent table -- client
Child table -- project
Child table -- tasks

If no client exists, add a client --> add a project --> add tasks.  But on mobile it feels like add a client, save --> view client --> add a project, save --> view project --> add a task (or many tasks) --> return to view project. -- Any way to jump over that step of the view form when on mobile? -- Takes a what feels like a three step process on the web interface and makes it feel like almost twice as long.  My concern is user experience. By the time the user gets to the part about "adding tasks" they are ready to be done with the data entry and move on. It just makes it that much more difficult for my user to make a complete record that I can analyze and report later.

I've been reviewing almost all the mobile posts.  From what I gather it's not really possible, but maybe I'm wrong?  Is there, for example a formula rich text solution to this for mobile?

If not, I'll probably look at designing a mobile form such that the child record portion will appear only after the record is saved and then it will appear near the top of the form, instead of where it resides at the moment near the bottom.


PS, I see I've been one of the active users on the community. Thanks so much for all your help and prior questions and answers.  I'm evaluating this for my non-profit and I'm not a DB programmer and only dabble in any other programming, so all your answers have been very helpful.  I just wish I could contribute to answering some of the other questions people post here in order to give back.



Dave Halter
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