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3 years ago

New App that vendors can log in and see there metrics

I want to build a new app that our vendors can view their metrics with out having to use paid seats for them to log into. We need to basically compile data into tables and they can see the compiled data when they log in. So I guess I would need some sort of guest role?

Johnny DeVilla

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  • Hi Johnny,

    In Quickbase we do have the concept of sharing an app with Everyone on the Internet. What this does is make it so anyone can access the application so long as they have a link to it and those users accessing the data this way aren't counted as users in your account. Our help doc here goes over how you would set up a role in the app for EOTI and then invite the EOTI user and assign them a role. 

    The downside is that they don't login they just use that link so it is accessible to anyone who has that link and you can't filter things down to a specific user because they don't sign in. A lot of companies use this as a way to take in data from vendors or users outside their company and a few do use it to display data but you want to be sure that data isn't something you need to keep secure and if it needs to be protected by roles and permissions.

    Evan Martinez