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4 years ago

Passing attachments and/or images in body text of Outlook message to create a QB record

I created a Pipeline that takes the contents of an Outlook message to create a record in Quick Base. However, the limitation is that Pipelines do not pass attachments or images inside of an Outlook field back to Quick Base. I used Power Automate to solve the attachments issue with HTTP requests, but it's quite cumbersome and I don't see a way to pass an image inside of the Outlook body field back to Quick Base field with Power Automate either. 

Has anyone tried other workarounds to solve this Outlook/Pipelines limitation? Mainly passing images from the Outlook body field to a Quick Base field? I automated our help desk at work via Outlook email requests into Quick Base, but I'm missing this one piece that allows me to grab images from the body of the Outlook message. BTW, I'm trying to pass it into a Rich Text field in QB.

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