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2 years ago

Pipeline trigger(s) based on formula field changes

I've been trying to run a Pipeline that is triggered based on formula field changes but the triggers don't seem to fire the Pipeline.

For instance, I have a numeric formula field that changes daily based on a recommended frequency value - the days since last activity, e.g. [Recommended Frequency] - [Days Since Last Activity] = 1, tomorrow will equal 0 so the field changes but the Pipeline does not trigger.  My advanced query is looking for this change.  Field ID 181 is the formula field: {'181'.EX.'0'}.

I also have a checkbox formula field that is super simple where it looks to see if the next preventative maintenance date is equal to today, e.g. [Next PM Date] = Today(), then true, else false.

Now I've tried triggering based on either condition once they change, but the Pipeline doesn't seem to pick up on either change.  Is it that Pipelines just don't trigger on formula field changes?


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    You are correct, formulas will not trigger the Pipeline.    A formula does not count as Modifying the record.

    You will need a more complex Pipeline that works on the demographic fields making up your formula.

    Don Larson