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5 years ago


Hey guys.

I'm tired, and a little frustrated with the lack of documentation I've been running in to recently.
I can not find out how to use pipelines. Quickbase has let me know I have access to it. All of the documentation says to simply go to the "My Pipelines" page to create a pipeline. It's mentioned like 3 times.
Where is this page? Why does it elude me so?

I've found a page that I think might be it in my realm management area. However, I cannot create pipelines from there. I can only view the channels I have access to, and Quickbase isn't even in those channels.
Thus I am stuck and require assistance from someone more knowledgable than myself.
It might be that I need to request permission to have access to pipelines, I know I have had to do this for things in the past, but I can't remember where to go or how to do that. 

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

Sterling Long!!

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    For me it is right next to the app bar at the top that starts with My Apps. 

    In order to get access to pipelines you need to have "manage pipelines" checked next to your name in the Permissions section of the admin console. Not sure if there is anything else but that is what did it for me.

    You can only see pipelines you have made here and currently(but hopefully changing at some point) cannot share ones you have created with anyone else. So if you have multiple people that need to work on these you might do it on a service account everyone can use.