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3 years ago

Press Save & Keep Working then Refresh the page


I got a working code from a previous thread Discussions

global variable:
<a class='Vibrant' style='font-size:14px; color:white; background:#6BBD57; white-space:nowrap;' onclick='$("#saveAndKeepWorkingMenuOption").click();'>Save & keep working</a>

this does the Save & Keep working part but i also would like to add that it refreshes the page or redirects to the same page - whichever is easiest, unfortunately, i couldn't seem to figure out how to add a redirect to this variable properly and was hoping to get some guidance! Thank you in advance

EDIT: it seems like redirecting the page does not show the new information that has changed, i still needed to refresh it

Additional info: The elements being edited are information within the current table and information that is within an embedded report. Once an option is selected on the embedded table, it generates a new option and this is where the refresh is needed.

Tim D
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